A love letter to Bali, Ubud and the Yogabarn

The Yoga Barn in Bali

It took me a bit until I was ready to write about my time in Bali. When magic happened its surely something which is hard to put in words. So many people asked me about my trip and especially my stay at The Yoga Barn. Before I will keep on going writing I can tell you one thing beforehand: GO GO GO!!!! This place is incredible and you will get exactly what you need.
There were a few reasons I particularly wanted to go to The Yoga Barn. One was that I simply seeked new inspiration for my own classes and with the variety of international teachers there I thought I would get more of it then by only having a couple of teachers at a retreat or something similar. Another reason was obviously the great reputation The Yoga Barn has in the yoga world. I think its with no doubt one of the leading studios worldwide. So it was definitely a must see for me. On top of that I was absolute curious about yoga in Bali. I had my most intense yoga experiences in Australia and India and I was told quite often that I have a very interesting style of teaching which is pretty straight and clear (I guess thats the Indian influence) but also very gentle and soft (thats definitely coming from Australia :-)). For some reason I pictured Yoga in Bali to be the same mixture. To cut a long story short, I got all of what I was seeking for.
I got so overwhelmed by this piece of heaven that I spent my entire time in Bali there and canceled the week I wanted to discover the island. I booked myself a dorm on site and that was the best decision ever because I didn’t even need to leave this bubble. I know that a lot of people preferred to stay outside of The Yoga Barn because they could get a private room for the price of a dorm there, but I just found it was a huge difference to stay right in heaven over night. Furthermore because of this I met 3 beautiful souls who were not only my roomies but also became friends and we had just the most beautiful moments together. It was love at first sight. We practiced yoga together, laughed together, cried together, nourished our bodies with the delicious Balinese food together, went to the spa together and meditated together.
For my yoga practice I booked myself a unlimited classes pass and took about three classes a day. Mostly a gentle Yoga class such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga or Kundalini Yoga, a stronger Yoga class like Vinyasa Yoga or Acro Yoga and a Meditation class. I also tried Qi Gong and Tai Chi and the most intense and healing experiences were Punnus Ananda Mandala Meditation and Emily Kuser’s Women’s circle. I can’t even describe the magic which takes place there. On a physical point of view I definitely recommend a private practice on top of the group classes. Most teachers offer it there and you can just see who you find best suitable for your needs. I found Murni absolute outstanding. She is from Bali, an absolute Power Woman who seems to be able to do every single arm balance in her sleep. She is super authentic and lovely and since I wanted to work on my arm balances I booked a private class with her. She is so passionate that we did 2,5 hours instead of 1 and she really takes time to look at you individually and describes the techniques. It had helped me a lot. I can’t even say what I preferred from my experiences there as I literally loved everything and whenever I walked out from a class every step felt like walking through heaven. Thats surely also because of the nature surroundings, the tropics, the sounds and the love you see in every detail.
When coming back to Europe everyone asked me what Bali has done to me as I was apparently glowing so much – It seemed this was the experience for most people I met at the Yoga Barn and I don’t think its a coincidence that Bali means offering in Sanskrit. Thank you beautiful island!! This was a trip of a lifetime and one of the most beautiful experience in my life.

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