Yoga at Special Events – Hen Party, Bucks Party & Weddings

Yoga at Hen Partys and Bucks Partys

Summer is here and with this a lot of amazing events are going to happen on our beautiful island. I had the pleasure last year to take part in some of them as a yoga teacher. One of my most funny yoga experiences was at a bucks party last year where we practiced yoga combined with some challenging asanas drinking Gin Tonic. Normally alcohol is not reallyyyy suppose to take part in a yoga practice, but I have never heard of a sober bucks party either. We had a blast. It was so much fun and quite focussed at the same time. Laughing and concentrating on the asana and then see 11 guys in complete silence and peace during shavasana asking afterwards where this beautiful lavender smell came from. I am very grateful for this experience as well as for the beautiful weddings I attended where the hosts nourished their guests with some yoga after the wedding day. How beautiful and peaceful. If you are interested in a yoga class at your special event please get in touch with me. I would be honored to take part and discuss details with you. Namaste

Bucks Party - Gin Tonic Yoga

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