Why Yoga MariSol?

Yoga MariSol Palma de Mallorca

Since so many people think I am Spanish and my name is Marisol, I feel I need to write a blog entry to clarify why I choose this name even though its not my actual name. 🙂

Even before I started teaching Yoga and when I was still living in Australia, I changed my Facebook name into “Mari Sol” for the sole reason that I did not wanted to be found by everyone. 😉 This name came from Mar(ia) and my beloved dog Sol(omon). So Maria&Solomon – Mar (i) Sol!

Later on when I became a Yoga teacher and I needed to find a name to register my teaching service with – that was in Germany at the time – I thought of what I love the most and for sure the first thing which came to my mind was my life companion Solomon (the best doggie one could wish for), my second thought was the sea and the sun. Always loved it and forever will. This is my life energy. So it was already kind of obvious that I was going for that name. Still not a hundred percent sure though for some reason as us humans never seem to be satisfied with the simple and obvious things in the first place. Just when I did more research and googled the name, I found a translation that Marisol means beloved child of the sun. I realized I was wasting my time looking for any other name but the obvious. So Yoga MariSol was born. Back in Germany it was still clear for most people that my actual name was different as Marisol is not a common name there. Since I now live in Spain though I gave up correcting people that my actual name is Maria when people started calling me Marisol. So I guess I have two names now and react to both equally.:-)

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