Lockdown Yoga Mallorca

It’s the 7th week of Lockdown in Mallorca and also 7th week that I am offering Lockdown Yoga classes. It’s been such a roller coaster of emotions and of dealing with the uncertainty of what is ahead of us. These classes built such a great sense of community. I can’t believe I will teach class 40 tomorrow. I am so grateful for all the beautiful people who show up daily for classes and shine their light. It’s time for a new Earth. Let us all come together in this journey. I decided I will extend the lock down classes for at least another 2 weeks until the 15th of May. We will have spent 50 classes together by then. Who would have thought that 7 weeks ago. I see this as my offering to community. I want everyone to be able to join and have Yoga as an anchor during these times. That’s why I am not charging a price. If you can afford it, I encourage you to donate though. You can send donations via Paypal.

The classes are every weekday at 6 pm live on Instagram and Facebook

Additionally I am offering Online workshops at the moment. The first one will be on Friday, the 8th of May, at 3 pm Spanish time. It’s gonna be a Yin Yoga workshop explaining the combination of traditional Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga and focussing on releasing Fear of the body.

You can book your tickets for the workshop on Eventbrite

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