Your Yoga in Mallorca

It can often be daunting to understand the myriad of different styles of yoga available in today‘s market and which one would best suit your needs. Let me try to explain a few basics about the physical part of yoga.

Hatha Yoga is a very traditional style of Yoga consisting of different asanas which, when linked together, create sequences of movements. Together with correct alignment, breath control and stillness of the pose, yoga has the ability to slow down the mind, bringing the body and the mind into a more equanimous and balanced space. Essential qualities in a hectic world which often oversaturate our senses and clouds our mental clarity.
Many modern styles of Yoga are based on Hatha Yoga and are often a variation of the traditional practice. Commonly known is probably Vinyasa Yoga which is based on Hatha Yoga and taught in a flow to calm the mind. Another perfect example is Yin Yoga, which is personally one of my favorite styles of practical yoga. Yin Yoga is a very passive form with long stretches between 2 to 7 minutes which not only calm the mind, but also solve blockades and let the energy flow freely again. Yin Yoga goes very deep and is the perfect yoga style in order to counteract the rush of the every day life and attain peace and relaxation for body and mind.

In my Yin and Yang classes I combine the dynamic Yang elements from Hatha Yoga / Vinyasa Yoga with the calming elements from Yin Yoga. In most classes we start with a dynamic Vinyasa flow to warm up our muscles and body and then fade away relaxed with the Yin elements.

In the West, the word Yoga is synonymous with a  physical practice which can help us to lose weight or keep our bodies toned, and whilst this may be true, it is interesting to note that this is just one very small aspect of the benefits that regular yoga practice can bring. Along with proper breathing techniques (pranayama), asanas also calm the mind and reduce stress. With regular practice one can ensure overall physical and mental health. Ancient Indian tradition shows us that for a comprehensive yoga lifestyle it is also important to follow a proper diet, practice proper breathing, and proper relaxation as well as positive thinking.

If you would like to read more about what yoga is I recommend you to read this page What is yoga?

I would be honored to  discover your way of yoga together with you. I offer private Yoga classes on the wonderful island Mallorca as well as group classes in its capital Palma de Mallorca. All yoga group classes are announced on my Facebookpage as well as on here. I am looking forward seeing you.