Deepen Your Practice with Comprehensive Training

200-Hour Embodied Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training

Join us for an immersive journey that integrates Yin Yoga, Somatic Yoga, and Yin Yang sequencing techniques to elevate your teaching skills.

Our Training Modules

70-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Deepen Your Yin Yoga Journey

Journey into the profound essence of Yin Yoga with a special emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine, embracing tranquility, mindfulness, and the body’s subtle energies.

70-Hour Somatic Yoga Teacher Training: Embodied Healing

Discover the profound link between body and mind with a strong emphasis on regulating the nervous system and delivering trauma-informed guidance. Immerse yourself in the practice of somatic yoga to promote holistic healing and foster deeper self-awareness.

60-hour Online Yoga Teacher Training: Expressive Yin Yang Yoga Sequencing, Anatomy, Philosophy

Deepen your practice with creative sequencing that embraces individuality and flow in every pose. Enhance your understanding of anatomy, philosophy, and the art of YIN YANG yoga sequencing with our immersive online training.

Flexible Learning Paths

Achieve Your 200-Hour Certification

Our 200-hour certification program is designed to be flexible and comprehensive. Each module can be taken individually for continuing education or combined to complete your full certification. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in Yin Yoga, explore somatic practices, or master the art of sequencing, our courses provide the knowledge and skills needed to deepen your practice and enhance your teaching.

By completing all three modules, you will earn a 200-hour certification that signifies your dedication and expertise in the field of yoga. Alternatively, each module stands alone as a valuable addition to your continuing education, allowing you to tailor your learning experience to your personal and professional goals.

Flexible pricing options

Pricing based on the room type you choose

Our flexible pricing options ensure that you can tailor your accommodation to suit your immersive yoga experience perfectly. Find the ideal room type for your yoga training at Yoga MariSol with our range of private, double, and triple rooms.

Pricing based on Early bird discounts

With generous Early bird discounts available, your total price will vary based on whether you take advantage of these limited-time offers.

Graduate Discount

If you join all 3 trainings (Yin, Somatics, Online) you will receive a total of 300€ Discount. 200€ on the second in person Training anf 100€ on the online Training.

Elevate Your Yoga Journey with Yoga MariSol

Join our 200-hour embodied Yin Yang Yoga teacher training to deepen your practice and expand your teaching skills. Whether you choose the complete certification or individual modules, elevate your yoga journey with Yoga MariSol.