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Thrive in your Yoga Career: Business Mentorship for Aspiring Yoga Entrepreneurs

Elevate your Yoga Business: Join our 6 week Mentorship starting September 23rd

Are you struggling to turn your passion for Yoga into a sustainable full-time career? My mentorship program equips you with the essential business skills and financial strategies needed to thrive as a yoga teacher

Are you a yoga teacher struggling to make your passion a sustainable business? You’re not alone. Many talented yoga instructors face similar challenges:

Financial Sustainability: Difficulty making a living solely from teaching yoga

Burnout: Teaching too many classes without adequate compensation.

Undervaluation: Encountering clients who view yoga more as a hobby than a valuable service.

Pricing Uncertainty: Not knowing what to charge to cover costs and earn a reasonable living.

Discover the Solution with my mentorship program Profitably Spiritual

Our six-week mentorship, led by Maria Diehn, a successful yoga entrepreneur with a strong background in economics (Excellent Uni degree in economics as well as years in corporate business as a commercial project manager and financial controller), offers practical, proven solutions. Here’s how we can help:

Proven Success Strategies: Learn from someone who has thrived in the yoga industry. I’ll share the exact methods I used to turn my passion into a profitable business.

Financial Mastery for Yoga Teachers: With my expertise in economics and financial controlling, I’ll teach you how to precisely manage your finances and calculate your prices and offerings

Pricing with Confidence: Understand the value of your services and learn to set prices that reflect your worth, ensuring you work sustainably and prevent burnout.

Sustainable Business Practices: Discover how to structure your yoga offerings to maximize income while balancing your personal well-being.

This mentorship is about thriving as a yoga entrepreneur. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to transform your passion into a profitable, sustainable career.

Enroll now and start your journey towards a financially rewarding yoga business on September 23rd!

Elevate your Yoga business with personalized heart-connected  mentorship

What you will receive in the 6-week ‘Profitably Spiritual’ Mentorship

During this transformative six-week program, you will receive in-depth training and tools specifically designed to help you navigate the business side of yoga. Here’s what’s included:

Navigating Finances

Setting up as a full-time yoga teacher involves more than just being dedicated to your teachings. Finances play a pivotal role, and getting them right is key to a sustainable yoga career. In this mentorship program, we’ll delve into the complexities of finances, helping you create a solid foundation for your yoga business.

Mindset Coaching

Transform your approach to your yoga business with mindset coaching that fosters a success-oriented attitude essential for growth.

Integrated Promotion Techniques

Learn integrated strategies that blend selling, promotion, and client engagement to attract and retain the right students for your classes.


Comprehensive Pricing Workshops

Participate in workshops focused on accurately calculating and confidently setting your prices. These sessions will empower you to demand what you’re worth and ensure your business’s financial health.


Peer Support and Networking

Connect with other yoga teachers in an environment that promotes mutual support and collaboration, enhancing your learning experience.


Live calls as well as self paced content

We meet over Zoom and you have access to additional resources.

Investment details: 555€
Your investment includes:
  • Full access to all six weeks of the “Profitably Spiritual” mentorship program
  • Comprehensive modules covering financial management, pricing strategies, and mindset transformation
  • Live sessions with Maria Diehn for personalized guidance and support
  • Exclusive resources and tools tailored to yoga entrepreneurs
  • Access to a community of like-minded professionals for ongoing support
Enroll now to secure your spot and start transforming your yoga passion into a thriving business!


Meet your Mentor

“Abundance is our birthright”

I am Maria Diehn, an E-RYT 500 certified yoga teacher with a passion for the transformative practice of yoga and the business dynamics that make it sustainable. For nearly a decade, I have thrived as a full-time Yoga Teacher and Entrepreneur, leveraging my degree in economics to manage and grow my yoga business effectively every day.
Understanding the economic side of being a full-time yoga teacher is critical, and I’m here to share my expertise. That’s why I’m introducing the “Profitably Spiritual” mentorship program, designed specifically for yoga teachers. This program draws on my experiences and insights, equipping you with the necessary skills to not only excel in your practice but also succeed in the business of yoga. Join me to learn how to turn your passion into a profitable venture.

What people are saying

The self-care shakti Sunday retreat day held by Maria was nothing short of magical! 

Maria holds space so beautifully, it was a truly transformational day. I highly recommend Maria for her yoga classes, retreat days/ weeks and I can’t wait to see what else she has planned to offer us lucky people in 2022 🌻

Hannah Whitehead

I’ve been attending yoga with Maria for quite some time and I can’t speak highly enough about her classes. She is gentle and compassionate and creates a sacred space that feels not only healing but also fun. I always feel rejuvenated and lighter after.  Yoga is an amazing and therapeutic tool but the instructor really makes the experience and Maria does just that.

Kyla Derkach

I recently completed Yoga MariSol’s Yin teacher training. It was the most incredible experience I could’ve asked for and felt like a combination of a beautiful retreat and teacher training. It exceeded expectations on all fronts from the yoga classes, Yin lectures, delicious food, and the incredible venue. The schedule was carefully thought out and I felt at home straight away. Maria is so gifted and I feel honored to be able to have done this training she offers. I will continue taking Maria’s classes on zoom from the UK as I’ve never met a teacher quite like her!

Rosie Parton


When does the Mentorship start?

We start on the 23rd of September 2024

Can I pay in installments?

Yes you can pay in installments via PayPal

Does my business need to be set up already?

Not at all. You can also use our Mentorship to get you started

Do you offer shorter programs?

Customized sessions are available upon request, subject to availability