Private Yoga classes in Mallorca

Because everybody is unique and particular, private instruction allows you to work at your own pace, address your personal goals, and simply enjoy the convenience of yoga in your own home or some holiday rental in Mallorca. My private yoga sessions are especially suited to the needs of beginners and intermediates/upper intermediates. The best gains can be found through the careful focus put into each pose, and into the proper breathing. I love being part of the process of self-discovery and also seeing the changes within each person during and after the sessions.

Classes are charged at 60 Euros, with up to 2 people in the class and in Palma de Mallorca City. In case more people would like to participate or some traveling is needed I am happy to provide you a individual quote.
All you need for my private sessions on Mallorca island is a towel and comfortable clothing. If you don‘t have your own yoga mat, I will be happy to provide you with one. I will also be bringing other props as yoga cushions as well as belts. In addition I will create a pleasant ambience so you can enjoy your yoga experience to the fullest.