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PrivatE Yoga classes

Island bliss Yoga

Private 1-on-1 or Group Yoga classes

  1. Mallorca Vacation Yoga: Ideal if you are visiting the island and are looking to relax and rejuvenate during your Mallorca trip.
  2. Celebration Yoga: Perfect for bachelorette parties, girlfriend getaways and wedding groups seeking a unique bonding experience
  3. Corporate Yoga: Corporate clients benefit from our stress-relieving and team bonding Yoga classes

Our private Island bliss Yoga sessions are suited for all levels from absolute beginner to advanced practitioner and we offer them on the whole island of Mallorca, Spain

We are very experienced in teaching 1-on-1’s, couples, big groups of different levels from Business events to Girlfriend trips, Bachelorette Parties, or Weddings.

Our private Island bliss Yoga classes can be taught in English, German or Spanish by our lovely team of experienced Yoga Teachers.

All you need for our private sessions is a towel and comfortable clothing. We are happy to provide mats for our the classes. In addition, we will create a pleasant ambience so you can enjoy your yoga experience to the fullest. Get in touch so we can arrange your personal yoga experience.


1-on-1 – 110€

Up to 6 People – 140€

Groups more than 6 people, 20€ extra per Person

The quotes include travel for up to 15km. For further distances an additional travel fee applies. 

We charge 30% deposit upfront. Please contact us via email, to see if we have availability for your desired dates.

Yoga Therapy with Founder Maria Diehn

Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy for somatic healing and nervous system regulation

Healing is a deeply personal journey, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. My trauma-informed embodied Yoga sessions are designed with utmost care and sensitivity to complement any therapy you may already be undergoing.

What I Offer:

Embodiment and Reconnection

My approach is rooted in the belief that true healing begins with reconnection. Trauma often leads to disconnection from the body, and my sessions gently guide you back into a loving relationship with your physical self. This is especially beneficial for those emerging from dissociation.

Holistic Well-Being

I make no promises of instant healing, healing is hard and non-linear and most of all needs time, it is nothing that can be rushed, I do promise to support you on your path to well-being. My trauma-informed yoga therapy integrates body, mind, and spirit to foster holistic healing. It complements your existing therapeutic work by creating a synergy between your emotional and physical self.

Mindful Healing

My sessions are a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your body’s wisdom and regain a sense of self. We focus on mindfulness, breathwork, and gentle movements to help you release tension, manage stress, and navigate the complexities of your healing journey.

What You Can Expect:

Body-Mind-Spirit Connection

My trauma-informed approach aims to foster a profound connection between your body, mind, and spirit. This connection serves as a foundation for emotional resilience and inner strength.

Complementary Support

My sessions are not a replacement for therapy; rather, they complement therapeutic work you may already be engaged in. Together with your therapist, we help you build a robust support system for your well-being. If you are still searching for the right therapist I can recommend a few english, german and spanish speaking to you that work with EMDR and Gestalt therapy.

Empowerment and Growth

I empower you to be an active participant in your healing journey. Through trauma-informed yoga, you can discover your inner resilience, cultivate self-compassion, and nurture personal growth.

At Yoga MariSol, my mission is to guide you gently and compassionately as you rediscover the beauty of your body, the wisdom of your mind, and the resilience of your spirit. My trauma-informed yoga therapy is a pathway to holistic well-being and a life redefined by connection, wholeness, and self-compassion.


One-on-one 130€

60 to 90 minutes

The quotes include travel for up to 15km. For further distances an additional travel fee applies. 

I offer trauma-informed embodied yoga therapy sessions in person in  Mallorca & Potsdam as well as hybrid (a combination of in Person and Zoom).

Please note that I highly recommend working with a therapist (EMDR, Gestalt, EFT) to heal trauma. Yoga therapy is complementary on this journey to support healing from trauma, stress, anxiety, depression or burnout by coming back into the body and working with different Yoga modalities depending on your personal needs. 

Please contact me via email, to see if I am the right match to support you on your journey and to see if I have availability for your desired dates.

I look forward meeting you.


Meet the Team


“If there’s something we need more of in this world it’s the softness of Yin”


I’m Maria, the founder and lead yoga instructor at Yoga MariSol Mallorca.

My deep passion lies in embodied and trauma informed practices that bring people back into their bodies and connect them with their true self. I love Yin Yoga and embodied flows, and offer Yin Yoga teacher trainings as well as Yoga as a healing modality teacher trainings certified by Yoga Alliance as continuing education. Furthermore I teach private Yoga Therapy classes. It’s my soul’s joy to share the wisdom of Yoga and witness students embracing the softer aspects of life. 

With gratitude,


Barbara is a devoted yoga teacher who helps you connect with your body and nourish your soul. Her classes empower students to unlock their inner potential through graceful movements and mindful practices. With expertise in dynamic yang yoga like Vinyasa Flow and slower-paced Yin yoga, she also shares wisdom in pranayama and meditation for holistic well-being. All are welcome, whether seasoned yogis or beginners, as Barbara creates a welcoming and inclusive space for growth and self-exploration. Classes are offered in English and Spanish.

Barbara Iborra

A life journey of more than 25 years of study and practice in Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation, as well as a PhD in the Biomedical Sciences and a deeply seeded dharma of birth-work and pelvic health medicine have brought Amber into a unique path where scientific, ancient and sacred feminine wisdoms merge together into a holistic journey of exploration. The foundation of Amber’s yoga practice is Elemental Yoga, where she explores the relationship between asana, meridian channels and elemental organ energies as an intentional blend of yin/yang expressions. Amber is American and teaches in English.

Amber Sawyer

Maya is a certified Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher, as well as a professional contemporary dancer. She is an old soul in a young body and discovered yoga at the age of 16. She always adapts her classes to the needs and desires of her students. Whether this means to guide a challenging, dynamic practice or a calming relaxing practice. In her classes she always aims to move you towards a deeper embodied state of self, working with meditation, pranayama, and yogic philosophy. Maya teaches in English or Spanish but is also fluent in Italian and German.

Maya Triay

Get in touch so we can arrange your personal yoga experience.

We love being part of the process of self-discovery and also seeing the changes within each person during and after the sessions.

*Note: We will respond to your inquiries within 48 hours, if you haven’t heard from us, then please check your spam filter.

What students are saying

I’ve been attending yoga with Maria for quite some time and I can’t speak highly enough about her classes. She is gentle and compassionate and creates a sacred space that feels not only healing but also fun. I always feel rejuvenated and lighter after.  Yoga is an amazing and therapeutic tool but the instructor really makes the experience and Maria does just that.

Kyla Derkach

I recently completed Yoga MariSol’s 60hr Yin teacher training. It was the most incredible experience I could’ve asked for and felt like a combination of a beautiful retreat and teacher training. It exceeded expectations on all fronts from the yoga classes, Yin lectures, delicious food, and the incredible venue. The schedule was carefully thought out and I felt at home straight away. Maria is so gifted and I feel honored to be able to have done this training she offers. I will continue taking Maria’s classes on zoom from the UK as I’ve never met a teacher quite like her!

Rosie Parton

Maria’s yoga classes are fantastic in many ways. She has a lovely and calm performance and guides through the poses by focusing on the breath. My favorite yoga class is Yin yoga. When I first started my body didn’t like it at all. I was feeling discomfort all over and Maria explained that the long stretchy sensation is working on our fascia and that it’s important to find stillness in the pose and try to surrender! Practicing Yin yoga also makes me be more patient, not only in the classes but generally in life. 

Linda Larsson

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