Teacher Training courses

Choose between Yin Yoga Teacher Training or Yoga as a healing Modality Teacher Training to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Yoga. These courses are for personal and/ or professional development. All courses are certified by the Yoga Alliance as continuing education and bring a deeper understanding of the healing qualities of Yoga into your life and into the life of your community. 

At our Yin Yoga Teacher Training we offer you daily Workshops & Lectures, Yin Yoga and Yin Yang Yoga classes. You will learn everything you need to know in order to confidently sequence and teach your own Yin Yoga classes. The main focus of the training is the combination of Yin Yoga and traditional Chinese medicine. We will explore the Yin organs, the meridians, the connected emotions, the seasons, and the elements. We will discuss the difference between Yin Yoga and Yang practices and to Yin Yoga and restorative Yoga, we will explore the chakras as well as fascia.

At our Yoga as a healing practice Training, we will practice daily restorative, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yang and free style Yoga classes. You will learn about nervous system regulation, cycle awareness, inclusive yoga classes, Yoga for Women and how to hold space for healing to happen. The main focus of the training is on the healing quality of movement, restorative Yoga practices, Pranayama and chanting. We will explore the regulation of the nervous system, cycle awareness, and a self empowering and self regulating practice moving away from the Guru culture. We will also learn about different styles of Yoga and how they can support us and/or our students on their journey.