Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Mallorca – Finca Sanau

70-hour Yoga Alliance


25.05. – 01.06.2024 

Welcome to our Yin Yoga Teacher Training retreat.

Whether you are a Yoga Teacher and would like to expand your teachings to Yin Yoga or you simply love Yin Yoga and would like to deepen your practice as well as deepen your knowledge, we would love to welcome you to our Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

The main focus of the training is the combination of Yin Yoga and traditional Chinese medicine. We will explore the organs, the meridians, the connected emotions, the seasons, and the elements. You’ll also delve into the distinctions between Yin and Yang practices, as well as Yin and restorative Yoga, and explore chakras and fascia. We will furhermore explore how Yin Yoga can help with stress and the effect it has on our nervous system. The training also covers a trauma-informed approach to Yin Yoga.

Our aim is for you to not only learn about Yin yoga but also find peace, connection, and nourishment through the magic of this beautiful practice and by the nature that surrounds us.

This Yin Yoga Teacher Training certified by the Yoga Alliance offers you a week-long immersion into this practice of self-care. Held at the picturesque Finca Sanau amidst Mallorca’s natural beauty, you’ll engage in daily Yin Yoga and Yin Yang Yoga sessions. Throughout your training, you’ll gain the skills to confidently design and lead your own Yin Yoga classes. 

Upon completion of this comprehensive 70-hour training, you’ll receive a Yoga Alliance-approved certificate, furthering your journey in the practice. You can use your certification as continuing education or build up together with 2 other trainings to become a certified 200-hour embodied Yin Yang Yoga Teacher with us.

Training & Accommodation

We always make sure to choose breathtaking venues, amazing chefs, and organic local food suppliers for our trainings and retreats.

The training includes:


8 days / 7 nights

Our Yoga teacher training retreat takes place in the picturesque Spanish Finca Sanau, where you can make use of a charming Yoga Shala, relax in the serene garden, take a dip in the inviting pool, and cozy up by the fireplace during your breaks.


70 hours of Training experience

We will intensively study together and you are encouraged to ask questions during the training.


A training manual

A comprehensive manual for you to keep and to use during and after the training.


2 daily practices & 2 daily workshops

Yin Yang Yoga and Yin Yoga classes as well as comprehensive workshops and lectures to pass on the knowledge


Ecological home-cooked food by our private chef

Ecological home-cooked vegetarian (vegan option) meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) by our private Chef team.


Water, Coffee, Tea, Snacks, Juices

all-day there will be access to water, Coffee, Tea, Snacks and Juices


Yin Yoga Teacher Training certificate

70 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training certificate approved by the Yoga Alliance.


Airport Transfer

A shared shuttle that leaves from PMI Airport at 2.30pm on the day of arrival and leaves at 9.30am to PMI Airport on the Day of departure

The topics we will cover are:
  • Exploration of Yin & Yang
  • Sequencing Yin Yoga classes
  • The combination of Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine – the seasons, the meridian theory, organ health, elements, connected emotions
  • Yin Yoga to regulate the nervous system
  • How to teach trauma informed & embodied Yin Yoga
  • Yin yoga and the Chakras
  • Emotional release in Yin Yoga
  • Yin Yoga and Fascia
  • Other approaches to teach Yin Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra

After the completion of the Training, you will be confident sequencing and teaching your own Yin Yoga class and will receive a training certificate recognized by the Yoga Alliance (70hrs) which can be used as continuing education or as a module to build up to become a 200-hour embodied Yin Yang Yoga Teacher

The trainings schedule:

PLEASE NOTE: The travel days are the first and last days of the training. Please schedule your arrival/ departure accordingly. There’s one shared shuttle included in the price and the times are leaving PMI Airport at 2.30 p.m. on the day of arrival and leaving PMI Airport at 09.30 a.m. on the day of departure.

The schedule is subject to change

Day 1 (arrival day)

3 pm Check-in

4 pm Opening Circle

6 pm Yin Yoga practice

7.30 pm Dinner

Day 2 to 7

7.30 am Morning ritual 

8.30 am Yin Yang practice

10 am Breakfast

10.30 am Self-study or time to relax/ integrate

11.30 am Workshop/Lecture/ Asana lab

1.30 pm Lunch

2.30  pm Self-study or time to relax/ integrate

3.30 pm Workshop/Lecture/ Asana lab

6 pm Yin yoga

7.30 pm Dinner

Day 8 (departure day)

7.30 am Morning ritual

8.30 am Breakfast

9.30 am Check-out

Pricing & Accommodation

    The prices shown include

    • Tuition for 70 contact hours of Teacher Training 1000€ / 800€ Early bird

    • All-inclusive catering 500€

    • Accommodation 400€ to 1200€ for 7 nights

    Receive a 200€ early bird discount if you book until 60 days before the Training starts

    Non-residential spot includes Tuition fee, use of all facilities, all inclusive catering (no accomodation) regular price 1500€ 

    Shared triple room with en-suite bathroom regular price 1900€

    Shared double room with shared bathroom regular Price 2000€

    Shared double room with private bathroom regular Price 2100€

    Single room with shared bathroom regular Price 2500

    Single room with private bathroom regular Price 2700

    Please note that the shared triple room can be of mixed gender. The room is very spacious and has a extra divison wall as shown on pictures.

    50% deposit is required to secure your booking. The deposit can also be paid in installments.

    What's not included:
    • Flights
    • Travel insurance
    Non-residential spots - get your own accommodation

    We also have non-residential spots available for the training. If you live in Mallorca or you prefer getting your own accommodation you can join us at a reduced rate and will have the training as well as all inclusive catering included.

    Our Promise to You

    At Yoga MariSol integrity is our highest Value. We therefore guarantee you that everything at our offerings comes from the heart and a place of love


    100% Fair Trade

    Everyone involved in our offerings receives fair payment, this involves guest teachers, our private chef, the Finca as well as our website designer, and any involved assistants.


    100% Organic

    All produce used for our trainings and retreats is also fair trade, locally sourced and organic


    High Quality

    We always thrive for the highest quality, continuous improvement, and education. Our aim is to always provide you with the best we have to offer.


    Being inclusive

    At Yoga MariSol we are an inclusive Yoga Place for every Ethnic, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, and belief system. We are welcoming everyone that feels the call to practice, study, or retreat with us. 


    Meet the Lead Teacher & Facilitator

    “If there’s something we need more of in this world it’s the softness of Yin”

    “My big passion is Yin Yoga. It lights up my soul to share the wisdom of Yin yoga with my students and see how they start to embody the Yin aspects of life. If there’s something we need in this world it’s the softness of Yin.” – Maria, Founder of Yoga MariSol

    Maria discovered Yin Yoga in Byron Bay, Australia, and did her first Yin Yoga Teacher Training soon after her discovery of this calming practice. She fell in love with this softer, feminine side of Yoga and is still amazed by the healing power of the practice. She evolved her teachings by consciously studying, practicing, and teaching Yin Yoga.

    Meet the Team

    We offer a fantastic team of senior guest teachers who teach alongside Maria Diehn on this training program. All of our guest teachers have years of experience as full-time teachers and bring a wealth of knowledge with them. 

    Amber Sawyer

    A life journey of more than 25 years of study and practice in Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation, as well as a PhD in the Biomedical Sciences and a deeoply seeded dharma of birth-work and pelvic health medicine have brought Amber into a unique path where scientific, ancient and sacred feminine widoms merge together into a holistic journey of exploration. The foundation of Amber’s yoga practice is Elemental Yoga, where she explores the relationship between asana, meridian channels and elemental organ energies as an intentional  blend of yin/yang expressions. 

    Amber will be teaching Yin Yoga as well as Yin Yang Yoga classes.


    Daniel Sonic Rojas

    Professional Dancer and movement master, Daniel Sonic Rojas has been dancing & performing for more than 30 years, and is known around the world for his movement creativity and dance mastery. Daniel has created his own healing art form, Alliyana movement. ‘Alliyana’, derived from the Quechua language of South America, means to heal, cure or recover.

    Alliyana Movement is a unique art form that presents simple, yet powerful forms of movement to heal and evolve connection to our body, mind and spirit.

    Daniel will be teaching Yin Yang Alliyana movement practices.

    Tamara Ledesma Sanchez

    Tamara is a 500h+ Yoga teacher, a comprehensive Pilates teacher
    and trainer and a Sound massage and Reiki therapist. She loves to
    combine her anatomy and physiology knowledge with energy
    work by combining these modalities to work mind, body and spirit.
    Tam believes in empowerment through education, connection and

    Yoga MariSol – RYS 200

    Education Maria Diehn – Lead Teacher

    200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa YTT Rishikesh India, 300hr advanced Vinyasa YTT Costa Rica, 70hr Yin Yoga YTT, 40hr Prenatal Yoga YTT, 15 days Vipassana, Reiki Level 2, 50hr Yoga for Women, 50hrs Yoga to release Stress and Anxiety, 50hr FaceSpine Yoga TT, 50hr somatic Yin Yoga TT, 20hr Trauma informed YTT

    Happy Graduates


    I’m filled with deep gratitude following this most beautiful Yin Yoga teacher training week in Mallorca learning from the wonderful Maria.

    Maria is a devoted and compassionate teacher, who shares her knowledge with great kindness and competence. I have been gently nudged to explore more within myself, to better understand this quieter yoga practice and enabled to develop further my teaching skills.

    Thank you Maria for this very valuable time at the heavenly Finca and to all the other beautiful souls in the group and all those at the finca who took care of us and made it such an incredible experience! 

    To anyone considering this retreat I highly recommend it, and Maria as a teacher.

    Rowanna Comerford

    I joined Maria for a Yin Yoga Training in December 2022. Maria is such an amazing teacher: deeply in love with what she does, super prepared and willing to share, very caring towards her students and happy to crack a laugh with us all. So genuine and positive, encouraging and caring. The Yoga training was very well prepared and presented, Maria gave us the manual and a lovely bag, such nice touch. I really enjoyed it and surely I learned at all as the training was very informative and we spent a very good amount of time doing workshops, training and research, always very interesting.
    Also the Yoga classes were superb, with a mix of Yin yang, yin yoga and yoga nidra.
    The shala is fantastic, cozy and plenty of props, with lots of daylight. The nature around the finca is very suggestive and there are lots of small hidden gems hidden all around, creating a superb Boho style.
    The food was superlative, I wish I were still there!
    Best training 

    Arianna Ghezzi

    The Yin Yoga Teacher Training was beyond expectations! Maria is such a warmhearted and kind soul who has massive knowledge on all things Yin. I’ve learned so much in just one week and with the amazing guidance at the training I feel confident to start teaching. The training venue was amazing, such a beautiful Finca in a quiet and remote area, with amazing food cooked by a private chef. 100% recommend.

    Tessa de Guytenaer

    I could not recommend this training more. I have just finished my 70hr yin yoga training and it was a truly amazing and wonderful week spent in paradise.

    Maria is quite magical in her approach to the training, she creates a space that is so authentic, safe and calming that every individual feels they can be themselves and shine.

    Her knowledge about yin yoga, trauma and the feminine body is amazing and truly inspirational. I have learnt so much and cannot wait to put it into practice.

    On top of that the venue is so beautiful and peaceful, immersed fully in nature and the food is out of this world! Truly one of the best weeks!

    Thank you Maria, from the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful xxx

    Kara Bugden

    I did the 70h Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Maria. It was amazing and way above my expectations!!! I learned so much about TCM, Yin Yoga and mostly about myself. The Finca is absolutely beautiful, the chef Laura was cooking master delicious vegan meals 3x a day and the connection we created in the group was magical. Maria is such a warm hearted, inspiring, positive and authentic soul. I am very happy that I did the training with her and can highly recommend it

    Nathalie Jager

    I did my Yin yoga teacher training in April 2023 with Maria and 14 other beautiful souls.
    I just can HIGHLY recommend this training. Maria is such a kind, warm hearted, inspiring, caring, lovely person. She has sooo much love and knowledge to give, that she shared with us. She teaches the content of yin yoga in a very authentic, interesting and motivating way. The Finca we stayed in was absolutely amazing and so was the healthy, delicious food.
    I’m so grateful that I did my training with her. Thanks for everything.

    Steffi Hostert


    Room impressions

    Food Impressions


    Is the training certified with the Yoga Alliance?

    Yes, Yoga MariSol is a certified Yoga School 200 and the Training is certified as either continuing education or you can use it to build up to our 200-hour embodied Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Program.

    Can I join the training without being a Yoga Teacher?

    Yes, the groups are generally a mix of Yoga Teachers that seek professional development, individuals that seek personal development, introspection, self-care, and other Wellness professionals (Bodyworkers, energy healers, sound healers) that seek this training to expand their offerings.

    Can I book an early check-in or late check-out?

    Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate that, since the cleaning team will be busy on the day of the check-in and check-out. If you have an early flight incoming or late flight outgoing you can spend some time in Palma and the shuttle picks you up or drops you off there or you relax in some of the cafes at the airport.

    Which Airport do I need to fly to and how do I get to the Finca?

    The Airport is Palma de Mallorca. The Finca is off-grid and therefore not accessible by public transport. You could go by Taxi, rent a car or join the shared shuttle I am offering to organize. 

    Can I extend my stay and arrive earlier or stay longer?

    The Finca only rents the entire property weekly.

    What is the maximum number of participants?

    The group at Trainings and Retreats is limited to 15.