dive deeper into embodied healing through Yoga

70-Hour Somatic Yoga Teacher Training

Experience a transformative journey of personal growth and self-discovery through our highly respected Somatic Yoga Teacher Training program. Dive deep into the realm of healing arts and enhance your understanding of the intricate relationship between body and mind. Join us for a unique educational opportunity at Yoga MariSol.

Dive deeper into embodied Healing through Yoga

Mallorca – Finca Son Sion

70-hour Yoga Alliance

March 29 – April 5 2025

Welcome to our Somatic Yoga Teacher Training.

where you will learn about the world of somatics and embodiment on the enchanting island of Majorca. Embrace the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the mind-body connection, delve into the essence of embodiment and somatics, nervous system regulation, and ignite the power of the vagus nerve through the polyvagal theory and cranial nerve exploration. Elevate your practice and awaken new dimensions of awareness, vitality and embodiment.

What we offer

Join us for an immersive and transformative experience

Emphasizing experiential learning and personal growth, equipping trainees to facilitate classes that help students explore and understand their own bodies and minds deeply. Learn about creating a safe space and how to operate inclusive and trauma informed. The training is open for everyone that is seeking personal and/or professional development.

We offer a holistic approach to Yoga and personal growth, encompassing not only physical practice but also spiritual aspects

Each of our Yoga Teacher Trainings is a unique co-creation, inviting you to actively shape your learning journey. We encourage you to join us with a receptive heart and mind, ready to explore the transformative power of Yoga together.

During your breaks, you’ll have the opportunity to unwind by the pool and find serenity in the garden.

Our aim is for you to learn about the somatic qualities of Yoga and also experience peace, connection, community and nourishment in our natural surroundings.


Please note that this Yoga Teacher Training program is designed to provide participants with a nurturing enviroment focused on the practice and study of Yoga and the nervous system. While we encourage personal growth and self awareness, it is important to understand this is not a forum for resolving personal trauma. Our aim is to support you in your journey of learning and self-discovery within the realm of yoga, somatics, embodiment and nervous system regulation. 

Discover the Healing Power of Somatic Yoga

Embark on a journey of transformation with Yoga MariSol’s Somatic Yoga Teacher Training in Mallorca. Immerse yourself in the healing practice of somatic yoga, connect with a community of like-minded individuals, and discover new ways to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Led by Maria Diehn and our team of experienced teachers, this training offers valuable insights and tools for both yoga professionals seeking growth and individuals focused on personal well-being. Enrich your life in unexpected ways by reserving your spot today and stepping into a world of holistic wellness and inner peace.

What is this Training about

We will practice

Elemental & Chakra yoga, Somatic flow, Intuitive Dance, Ceremony, Restorative yoga, Yin yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama & Breathwork, Cold water therapy, Meditation, Kirtan

We dive into

Body awareness, Mindfulness, Movement exploration, Nervous system regulation & Polyvagal Theory, Trauma informed facilitation, Teaching Methodology, Personal development & reflective practices, Peer and self-led sessions, Ethic & Professionalism

Our focus

We will focus on the internal experience of Yoga, emphasizing the connection between body and mind and fostering personal insight and self regulation through our practice. This training integrates traditional Yoga practices with contemporary somatic & embodiment concepts. Furthermore we will dive deep into how we cultivate a self empowered, intuitive and embodied practice as students and teachers.

Training, Schedule, Accommodation & Pricing

We always make sure to choose breathtaking venues, amazing chefs, and organic local food suppliers for our trainings and retreats.

The training includes:


8 days / 7 nights

Our Yoga teacher training retreat takes place at Finca Son Sion, where you can make use of a beautiful 150sqm Yoga Shala, our spacious Yoga platform, relax in the serene garden and take a dip in the inviting pool.


70 hours of Training

We will intensively study together and you are encouraged to ask questions during the training.


A comprehensive training manual

A comprehensive manual for you to keep and to use during and after the training.


2 daily practices & 2 daily workshops

Somatic flow, Ceremonies, Elemental & Chakra Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative, Nidra, Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting, Kirtan as well as comprehensive workshops to pass on the knowledge.


Ecological home-cooked food by our private chef

3 Ecological home-cooked vegetarian (vegan option) meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) by our private Chef.


Water, Coffee, Tea

all-day there will be access to water, Coffee, Tea.


Teacher Training certificate

70-hour Somatic Yoga Teacher Training certificate approved by the Yoga Alliance. You can use this training either as a module for our 200-hour Yin Yang certification or as continuing education with the Yoga Alliance.


Airport Transfer

A shared shuttle that leaves from PMI Aiport at 2.30pm on the day of arrival and leaves at 9.30am to PMI Airport on the Day of departure

The topics we will cover are:
  • Exploration of all facets of Yoga, beyond just the physical postures
  • Somatic embodiment: Nervous system regulation through yoga, the healing power of the vagus nerve, Yoga and the polyvagal theory, Yoga to overcome Stress and Anxiety, Yoga in the event of Burnout & Dissociation, Yoga to connect to the Soma, Embodiment
  • Trauma informed facilitation and inclusivity: Trauma awareness in Yoga classes, creating an inclusive space, mindful adjustment, healing touch, the art of teaching, cultivating a self empowered practice, creating community
  • The link between evidence proved western sciences and the ancient wisdom of Yoga: The healing art of Restorative & Yin Yoga, the healing art of Movement, the healing art of Pranayama, the healing art of Meditation & Yoga Nidra, the healing art of humming & Chanting
  • Yoga for the subtle body: Koshas, Bandhas, Mantras & Mudras, Chakra healing
  • Feminine embodiment: Cycle awareness and intuitive movement

    After completing the training, you will possess profound knowledge of yoga and somatics, empowering you to cultivate a self-directed practice. You will receive a training certificate recognized by the Yoga Alliance which you can either use as continuing education or to build up to become a 200-hour embodied Yin Yang Yoga Teacher with us. 

    The trainings schedule:

    PLEASE NOTE: The travel days are the first and last days of the training. Please schedule your arrival/ departure accordingly. There’s one shared shuttle included in the price and the times are leaving PMI Airport at 2.30 p.m. on the day of arrival and leaving to PMI Airport at 9.30 a.m. on the day of departure.

    Day 1 (arrival day)

    3 pm Check-in

    4 pm Opening circle & restorative Yoga

    8 pm Dinner

    Day 2 to 7

    7.30 am Morning ritual (Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting)

    8.30 am Morning practice

    10 am Breakfast

    10.30 am Self-study or time to relax/ integrate

    11.30 am Workshop/Lecture

    1.30 pm Lunch

    2.30 pm Self-study or time to relax/ integrate

    3.30 pm Workshop/Lecture

    6 pm Evening practice

    7.30 pm Dinner

    Day 8 (departure day)

    7.30 am Morning ritual

    8.30 am Breakfast

    9.30 am Check-out

    Pricing & Accommodation

      The prices shown include tuition for 70 contact hours of Teacher Training (1100€ / 900€ Early bird price), all-inclusive catering, transfers, ceremonies (500€) as well as accommodation (400€ to 1200€ / 7 nights)

      Non-residential spot includes Tuition fee, use of all facilities, all inclusive catering (no accomodation) 1600€ | 1400€ Early bird price

      Shared triple room with en-suite bathroom and garden access 2000€ | 1800€ Early bird price

      Shared double room with en-suite bathroom and garden access 2200€ | 2000€ Early bird price

      Single room with en-suite bathroom  2800€ | 2600€ Early bird price

      50% deposit is required to secure your booking. The deposit can also be paid in installments.

      What's not included:
      • Flights
      • Travel insurance
      Non-residential spots - Get your own accommodation

      We also have non-residential spots available for the training. If you live in Mallorca and you don’t need an accommodation you can join us at a reduced rate and will have the training as well as all inclusive catering included.

      Happy Graduates


      Completing the 70-hour training, ‘Somatic Yoga Teacher Training’, with Yoga MariSol was an absolutely amazing experience.

      The training program as well as every single lesson, was designed with intention and care. Additionally, each guest teacher contributed valuable insights and knowledge to the program.

      I’ll hold this transformative experience close to my heart, and I’m excited to further explore, embody, and share everything I’ve learned. My gratitude extends not only for the training that Maria thoughtfully curated but also for all the beautiful souls I’ve had the privilege to meet along this incredible journey.

      Ramona Martins Correia da Luz

      I attended Maria’s Somatic 70 hour teacher training in September 2023 and it was an absolutely beautiful experience. Maria has a deep gift for both teaching and being able to hold a container for the training to unfold in a way that meets every participant where they are at. We were 13 students all coming from different backgrounds and in different phases in life and in our yoga journeys, and Maria held the space for each of us to bring to and take from the training exactly what felt authentic for each of us. The material itself is so inclusive and informed me of ways I can interact with others in a way that allows room for everyone’s unique experience. I deeply value the time I spent and the lessons I gathered in learning from Maria and my peers.

      Nisha Chatterjee

      The Yoga Teacher Training “Yoga as a Healing Modality” was very inspiring and eye-opening for me. I really liked the content about our nervous system as well as Maria’s way of teaching and leading the training. I also enjoyed very much the guest teachers for specific topics. This was very refreshing and I could take with me some exercises and tools for myself and also my work.

      Even though I don’t work as a yoga teacher, the new insights were very enriching for me personally and also very helpful for my work as a coach and mentor for women.

      I would recommend this training to everyone! Especially to anyone who teaches yoga or mentors people.

      It is fundamental for me to be aware of our nervous system, possible traumas and our body when working with people. Especially in all the mental and spiritual work we can see around, bringing some „down to earth“ topics was really enriching.

      Thank you Maria for the beautiful week in Mallorca!
      I can really recommend the training.

      Madeleine Graul

      Maria has a deep knowledge and a competence that has grown tangibly from her own experiences – which she teaches with dedication and passion in practice as well as theory.
      I got answers to questions that had been burning on my heart for many years, thanks to her clear view of things and her down-to-earth approach.
      I felt seen and understood and found the trauma-sensitive yoga sessions incredibly valuable.
      I experienced and learned more than I could have imagined or wished for in one week.

      Thank you for this enriching and nurturing experience!

      Franziska Kirsch

      I completed the 70h training “Yoga as a healing modality/ Somatics” in March.

      Maria is a great teacher, sharing her knowledge and passion. Having a 200H TTC, I joined to deepen my knowledge in restorative/yin/healing and to know more about the regulation of the nervous system.

      It opened new perspective to me, discovering the power of chanting and dancing, learning about traumas and also sharing opinions with others.

      All the women of the group were very unique and the whole week gave us space to share, to be ourself and to grow. It felt really special and the Shala makes us feel we are in a bubble. After this week, I didnt only got more knowledge but I also healed a part of myself. I am grateful to have joined this training with Maria and be part of this lovely group. I can only recommend !

      Marielle Santens

      I can say from the bottom of my heart that this training exceeded my hopes and expectations. The location, the group (13 people, from Australia to Ireland, USA, Denmark, Switzerland, Indonesia and Germany – it was a colorful mix of awesome souls), the daily schedule, the content of the lectures, the knowledge transmitted, the style in which we learned, the accommodation, the organization…. everything was great! I enjoyed this community of people and Maria’s orchestration throughout the week very much. 

      I would totally recommend this training for yoga teachers but also for interested yogi*nis who would simply like to dive into the topic of our human posibility to build resilience and response to stress and also traumatic events. It is a very good training to find balance in ones own life.

      Maria herself is a lovely host, helpful, friendly, easy going, with lots of experience and had so many cool and skilled Co-Teachers up her sleeve who would teach different topics such as breathwork, mobility, etc. This made the training very colourful and wholesome.

      Stefanie Bauriedl

      I had the most beautiful experience completed the ‘Yoga as a healing modality’ with Maria.

      Everything about this training was amazing! My favourite thing about the week was the environment which was created, it was a safe and welcoming space. I found this experience extremely enriching, and the knowledge I gained will not only help me as a teacher but also for my own personal growth. The food and accommodation was also incredible.

      I could not recommend this training more! I am extremely grateful for this transformative and beautiful experience.
      Thank you!

      Kathi Ann McCarthy


      Meet the Lead Teacher & Facilitator


      “What I love about Yoga are the embodied and profound practices that bring people back into their bodies and connect them with their true self. I love Yin Yoga and embodied Movement, Ceremonies, chanting and Kirtan and offer Yin Yoga teacher trainings as well as Somatic Yoga teacher trainings certified by Yoga Alliance either as continuing education or as modules for the 200-hour certification. It’s my soul’s joy to share the wisdom of Yoga and witness students embracing the softer more embodied aspects of life. Join me in discovering the transformative power of Yoga and the art of self-care and regulation.” – Maria, Founder of Yoga MariSol

      Yoga MariSol – RYS 200

      Education Maria Diehn – Lead Teacher

      200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa YTT Rishikesh India, 300hr advanced Vinyasa YTT Costa Rica, 70hr Yin Yoga YTT, 40hr Prenatal Yoga YTT, 15 days Vipassana, Reiki Level 2, 50hr Yoga for Women, 50hrs Yoga to release Stress and Anxiety, 50hr FaceSpine Yoga TT, 50hr Somatic Yin Yoga TT, 20hr Trauma informed YTT


      Room Impressions

      Food Impressions

      Our Team

      Maria Diehn

      Lilla & Peter

      Carla Bliss

      Lisa Weinhold

      Wiktoria Ginter

      Deirdre Madden

      Our Promise to You

      At Yoga MariSol integrity is our highest Value. We therefore guarantee you that everything at our offerings comes from the heart and a place of love


      100% Fair Trade

      Everyone involved in our offerings receives fair payment, this involves our teachers, our private chef, our suppliers, the retreat venue as well as our Back Office team.


      100% Support of Local Business

      At Yoga MariSol, we are committed to backing local family businesses in our community. This includes not only the KM0 farmers, but also our drivers, print shops, manual creators, and more. We believe in the significance of empowering our local economy and encouraging cooperation and sustainability. 


      High Quality

      We always thrive for the highest quality, continuous improvement, and education. Our aim is to always provide you with the best we have to offer.


      Embracing Diversity

      Our doors are open to individuals of every ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and belief system. It is our mission to continuously learn and evolve to create as safe and warm space where everyone feels welcome. 

      We warmly invite you to this co-creation.


      Is the training certified with the Yoga Alliance?

      Yes, Yoga MariSol is a certified YACEP (Yoga Alliance continuing education provider) and the Training is certified as such

      Can I join the training without being a Yoga Teacher?

      Yes, the groups are generally a mix of Yoga Teachers that seek professional development, individuals that seek personal development, introspection, self-care, and other Wellness professionals (Bodyworkers, energy healers, sound healers) that seek this training to expand their offerings.

      Can I book an early check-in or late check-out?

      Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate that, since the cleaning team will be busy on the day of the check-in and check-out. If you have an early flight incoming or late flight outgoing you can spend some time in Palma and the shuttle picks you up or drops you off there or you relax in some of the cafes at the airport.

      Which Airport do I need to fly to and how do I get to the Finca?

      The Airport is Palma de Mallorca. The Finca is off-grid and therefore not accessible by public transport. You could go by Taxi, rent a car or join the shared shuttle I am offering to organize. 

      Can I extend my stay and arrive earlier or stay longer?

      There are usually no vacancies at the Finca, but the Finca owner Michele also owns a nice guesthouse in the center

      What is the maximum number of participants?

      The group at Trainings and Retreats is limited to 15.